April Koroma Smith


April Koroma Smith is a 45 year-old mother of one, whose drug use landed her in jail over 13 times and prison 4 times. Because she wanted the information on how to live differently, she participated in Alternative Directions, Aftercare Transition (‘ACT’) program. Besides, this was the only program that she could get into. Once released this final time, she stayed in contact with the program and took advantage of the resources, one of which was a drug program. She took the suggestions, instead of trying to do things her own way, which always landed her in prison. Today, she’s a Trade Show Carpenter with the Local 491, a home owner, and sits on the Board of Alternative Directions.

Ultimately, she would love to own her own business someday and be able to travel. Until then, she will continue mentor to new women entering the program and give support any way she can.

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