My name is Yvonne June Baker, age 47. Since I’ve been at home and

in TAPS, I accomplished everything I set out to do. I wanted to do
school; I enrolled in BCCC to get my GED through Goodwill. My
counselor, Ms. Rachel Kirby, got me into Urban Behavior to do therapy
and to see a psychological doctor, and I am doing well. I am also
in anger management at Urban Behavior. I am looking for work as
well. Since I’ve been home, I met and spent time with my children and
grandchildren, and they are in my life. I am attending NA and AA
to stay drug-free and alcohol-free. I also met the man of my dreams,
who is loving, nurturing and supporting towards me. Th anks to myself,
and to my counselors at TAPS – Michelle Kelly and Rachal Kirby.
Th ey helped make me a better woman and mother who loves me today.


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