The Turn About Program provides transitional services to women leaving prison on parole. Women with a substance abuse history enter a 28-day drug abuse program at Tuerk House upon their entrance into TAP, and then continue after-care treatment for another six months. Our TAP clients report to ADI at least three times a week for individual and group counseling, and depending on their personal situations, the women attend GED classes, and parenting and stress management classes. The initial months in the program emphasize recovery, rather than employment. However, the women also attend job development and computer classes throughout their involvement in our program.

Please contact Rachel for more information: Rachel@alternativedirectionsinc.com

If it had not been for the TAP program I would either be back in prison or dead, I know that for a fact. I am so grateful for the TAP program.

“The day I decided to join Alternative Directions I never used again. I have faced tragedy and success and I am still tempted to pick up but I always say ‘no’.

I don’t have to, I’ve learned that I’m stronger without it. I had to hit rock bottom before I even wanted to change my lifestyle. I had to work hard but it got better every day, now I own my own restaurant and some of my customer’s are the same dealers I used to buy from. They call me Ms. Shirley these days.”
— Ms. Shirley W.

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