Civil Legal

ADI’s Civil Legal Assistance Program helps male and female clients represent themselves in uncontested civil legal matters. Alternative Directions stands alone as the only civil legal services organization in Maryland whose target population is incarcerated individuals. A large segment of the population would have no access to the courts without help from our organization.

The mission of our civil legal program is to assist the incarcerated population in representing themselves in pro se family law matters such as:

Divorces: Our office assists individuals with uncontested, civil divorces. This is accomplished through workshops at correctional facilities, requests through the mail, or walk-ins who meet income eligibility guidelines.

Child Support Modification: ADI won a landmark court case which allows a prisoner to file in court for child support payments to be suspended while incarcerated. This prevents the accumulation of tens of thousands of dollars in debt that could lead to arrest for non-support.

Temporary Guardianship: ADI is the only organization in Maryland that has staff members who enter the detention  centers to notarize temporary guardianship papers thus helping to assure children of incarcerated parents access  to medical care, health care, and schools and safe housing.

Name Change: Our office provides sample paperwork for individuals to file with the Court to have their name changed.

Paternity: We offer a general information sheet on paternity with instructions for establishing paternity.

Custody: We offer forms and instructions for establishing or enforcing custody.

Visitation: We offer forms and instructions for establishing or enforcing visitation.

Bankruptcy/Credit: We offer a general information sheet on these matters.

Note: Although supervised by an attorney, Alternative Directions, Inc. has no attorneys on staff. Staff members cannot offer any legal advice or representation. We assist clients in representing themselves in simple, uncontested, civil cases.

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