Client Stories

Over the past 30+ years, ADI has helped thousands of individuals returning to the community after incarceration. The recidivism rate for these individuals is below 5%, well below the almost 50% average rate. There are hundreds of success stories. The stories below are just a few examples of the difference ADI’s Reentry Programs make in the lives of individuals and their families:

Future Graduates

Graduates: Tamera, Maxine, Malissa, Diane, Tracey Continue reading

2012 Honored Women

Graduates: Audrey, Yvonne, Kimbyl, Sheila, Nakeyia Continue reading

2011 Honored Women

Graduates: Pearl Porter, Michelle Shipley-Green Continue reading

Previously Honored Clients

Graduates: Cheryl Sterrette, Judy Moody, Loretta Simmons, Monica Cooper, Shirley Walker, Trina S., April Smith-Koroma, Denise Wallace, Dorothea Townes, Elizabeth Smith, Nathaniel Jackson, Carmen Williams Continue reading

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