Nathaniel Jackson


Nathaniel Jackson is a 49 year-old born and raised in Baltimore City had been incarcerated 5 or 6 times before being introduced to Positive Directions, a program of Alternative Directions. While incarcerated, he learned of a grant based program that was designed for those individuals that had been incarcerated for a number of years. It would give those leaving prison the tools needed to reenter the workforce and make them more employable. In order to give himself a ‘fighting chance’, Mr. Jackson took advantage of programs the prisons had to offer. He’s received certificates for Narcotics Anonymous, Understanding Substance Abuse, and Thinking, Deciding, Change and Decision Making.

Today, Mr. Jackson serves on the Board of Directors, of Out For Justice. He sees himself as being a mentor and a positive role model for men women and children. He’s willing to give back through information referral.

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